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angeldragon03's Journal

11 July
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Im a 34 year old mom of three kids/ages of my kids are-16,14,12. Im hopeing one day i will marry to my now fiancee,but money and my health is stoping tht from happening right now. I suffer from anorexia and bulimia. I have been suffering from my eating disorders for about 19 years but didnt go so hard core till about 12 years ago after my third child. Im in the process of writeing a book about my life and hope to have it published in about a year. My youngest daughter has autisum and needs care 24/7 literly. I lost my husband about 5 years ago,we were only married for about 5 or so years,I had to care for him as well and stress takes over your intire body by then but otherwise im in and out of the hospitals alot due to my illness im on disabilty due to my illness..
all diffarent kinds, cross stiching, gameing, horror/stephen king