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Is there still time?

Wasnt a very good week for me,i got out of the hospital a couple of days ago,apparently i started seazing and i passed out had to call ambulence,i guess my bloodshurger was so dangeriously low so much so that i almost died....idk how much more my body can take....I would give anything to go back in time....If it wasnt for my 14 year old son i would have died....I cant emagine what that must have felt  like for him....I prey everyday that i live.....that today isnt the day to die....but one day it will be.....what then....was it all worth it?? Was it worth dieing young,to not see your grandkids one day,to not be at your childrens weddings and to miss out on there lives because i was selfish...because what i thought i wanted when i was 12 years old has turnd into a demon inside me and has swallowed my soul....falling into the blackness.....forever wishing i would have thought about these things then.............
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